Guest Post, Why I Write: An Open Book About a Scientist’s Physical & Mental Health Through Career and Motherhood

// Today’s post is from Dr. Thomai Dion. You can follow Thomai and her science and medical communication work around promoting STEM education on Instagram and Twitter. Becoming a stay-at-home-scientist-mom inspired her to write the children’s science book collection Think-A-Lot-Tots. My

Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult, Part 3: Resistance is Not Futile

Cancer as a “disease” is incredibly complex, and patient care for a cancer diagnosis is complex as a result. I’m starting to explore some of these difficulties in a series of articles: “Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult.” Previously published

#MHPhDchat: A Twitter Chat about Mental Health in Academia

If you didn’t have a chance to join the #MHPhDchat on Twitter yesterday, here are some chat highlights! [View the story “Mental Health in Academia” on Storify]

Mental Health in Academia: A Guilty Scientist

// Mental health is a topic that is pretty taboo in academia, sometimes (though not always!) spoken about only under the condition of anonymity. There is a mindset that pervades throughout academia: academic research is difficult. That’s just the way it

Let’s Get Real about Mental Health in Academia

Next week, I am going to share a story here on about my own mental health during my academic career. It’s important to have this discussion, with researchers at every level in academia. On Tuesday, September 13, I will host

Welcome to Science Daily Dose!

Over the past few days, I’ve gotten a lot of traffic thanks to WordPress Discover sharing one of my articles on their website. If you’re checking out Science Daily Dose for the first time, welcome! On this page, I will

The Scientist’s Method

// Today I want to share my experience as a scientist, and how my work has gone from an idea, to experiments in the lab and then publishing my results. The general process is similar in many areas of science,

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 26 August 2016

Happy Friday, everybody! Have you read any good science stories this week? Here are a few interesting ones I’ve seen on the webs this week: // First, promoting girls in the sciences is a really important issue for me, so

Supporting Girls in the Sciences

Yesterday, I saw a heartbreaking post from The Entomological Society of Canada. A mother was writing to ask for some help to support her daughter. Her daughter is fascinated by bugs, and is being bullied by her classmates. Supporting young scientists

Does Organ Function Determine Cancer Susceptibility?

Research article // Evolutionary Ecology of Organs: A Missing Link in Cancer Development? Some background // In the past few weeks I’ve focused a bit on why treating cancer is difficult (check out part 1 and part 2 to read more).