What is the March for Science, Geneva?

“Every person is, at heart, a scientist, irrespective of title, age, or culture. Curiosity is human, and is the foundation of all scientific endeavors. Science is everywhere and affects everyone.”

// What?

A march for science in solidarity with other marches happening around the globe on Earth Day. The march will be followed by the event, “Celebration of Science,” where we will highlight the unique contributions that Switzerland is making to the ever-changing, dynamic landscape of scientific knowledge and technological advancement.

// When?

April 22nd

Start: 10h30

End: 15h00

// Where?

Place du Rhône
(any changes, for example due to weather, will be announced on social media and the event’s website)

// What is a “Celebration of Science?”

Switzerland has a very unique position in the world of science. There is strong public and federal support for science, which can be seen in the popularity of events like public science fairs, the Swiss museum of science Technorama, and various initiatives to bring science to the public such as Science et Cité, L’Eprouvette, and many others. In addition, Switzerland is home to many scientific companies including pharmaceutical companies and the Suisse Romande in particular is a hot-spot of technological innovation, with support of organizations like Venture Kick.

In addition, there are many world-class research institutions located in Switzerland. Highly collaborative research is being done across a wide range of scientific disciplines, from a diverse group of researchers. We researchers represent different backgrounds, genders, cultures, religious beliefs, political affiliations. Our research and knowledge transcends political boundaries, and our research is stronger the more diverse we are.

The “Celebration of Science” is a fun and family-oriented event that seeks to highlight the wonderful world of science in Switzerland and provide insight in how Switzerland is contributing to scientific thought and knowledge. Join us on April 22 to support and celebrate science!