Photo hexCourtney Thomas is the creator of Science Daily Dose. She is a science communicator, educator, writer and researcher.

She has a PhD in chemistry from UCLA, where she developed and tested new ways to deliver cancer and tuberculosis therapies using nanoparticles. She currently works as a postdoctoral researcher studying cancer biology (how does cancer grow, and why do metastases form) at EPFL in Switzerland, and acts as Education Coordinator for the University of California Center for the Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (UC CEIN).

She has more than five years experience in public outreach events, curriculum development, science communication–including science writing and editing–and development of science-related materials for all age groups. Follow on TwitterInstagram, and Medium: @CRThomasPhD, or send an email to: courtney[at]sciencedailydose.com.

Guest Contributors

1479536_10152004050880822_1453332415_nLogan Fulford is finishing his PhD inPathobiology and Molecular Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. He studies prostate cancer to understand how it functions, and the importance of the tumor microenvironment, to identify possible new therapies that might be developed for treating cancer in the future.

Are you a scientist and you need some help telling the story of your latest results? Are you a company in need of some help translating your product to a wider audience? Do you want to contribute to Science Daily Dose? For any communications or collaboration requests, please send an email to: courtney[at]sciencedailydose.com.