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An Atypical Day in the Life of This Scientist

Diary of a Scientist // 4 January 2017 I’m typically awake before my alarm goes off at 6:30, my mind already racing through the things I need to do for the day. My Google calendar looks like a confetti explosion

Science in the News: Why the FDA Matters

  The Headline, 5 February 2017, New York Times // Trump’s F.D.A. Pick Could Undo Decades of Drug Safeguards   New and Startling Beauty to the Skin Thru Radium! Tho-Radia, Méthode Scientifique de Beauté Exciting Public Demand for Amazing Beauty Discovery

Science in a New World of “Alternative Facts”

If you are an American, or have followed the brutal 2016 campaign season and election, it may not be a stretch to believe that we are coming into a new era: the post-truth era. Today’s Buzzword // Post-truth “It is no

New in 2017

Happy 2017 to all! I took a bit of a break in December to focus on spending my time with family, and planning 2017 here at Science Daily Dose. I will be back later this week with new content, but

And thanks for all the support!

It’s been a great year for Science Daily Dose! The last few weeks of the year I have been taking a bit of a pause to regroup and gear up for 2017. Thank you to everyone who has supported me

Celebrating Four Years of ScienceDailyDose

Thanks to LinkedIn, I realized that it was four years ago I started Science Daily Dose! It has gone through several iterations along the way, but I am amazed that I’ve been able to keep it going for so long.

From the Suggestion Box: When Science Research Becomes a Numbers Game

// I got a great request from a reader to talk about what he called “the ethics of science.” In his words, “Science needs looking at to see that our finite resources are used sensibly and wisely to benefit all mankind.”

In the Headlines: Gene Editing in Humans

// I’m hard at work on a special double-feature for science news next week, but in the meantime I want to highlight some big news published in Nature this week. CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

Guest Post: Bullied Out of the Lab

// Today’s post is an anonymous contribution to our #MHPhDchat page (chatting about mental health in academia). If you want to share your own struggles with mental health in academia, anonymously or not, please reach out using the information on

I Learned a Thing

When I was little, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Ever the over-achiever, I gave her a list of my future professions. “I will be a doctor, a lawyer, a ballerina, a postman,