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Science in the News: Why the FDA Matters

  The Headline, 5 February 2017, New York Times // Trump’s F.D.A. Pick Could Undo Decades of Drug Safeguards   New and Startling Beauty to the Skin Thru Radium! Tho-Radia, Méthode Scientifique de Beauté Exciting Public Demand for Amazing Beauty Discovery

Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult, Part 5: Is This Thing On?

Cancer as a “disease” is incredibly complex, and patient care for a cancer diagnosis is complex as a result. I’m starting to explore some of these difficulties in a series of articles: “Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult.” Previously published

In the Headlines: Gene Editing in Humans

// I’m hard at work on a special double-feature for science news next week, but in the meantime I want to highlight some big news published in Nature this week. CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 11 November 2016

// A big thanks to @joshkking for the motivation to continue the weekly science news round-up! It’s been quite a week. I hosted the third Twitter chat about mental health in academia (check out #MHPhDchat to follow and join the

Science in the News, 5 October 2016

// Today in Sweden, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa “for the design and synthesis of molecular machines”. What are molecular machines? Molecular machines are groups of molecules that

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 26 August 2016

Happy Friday, everybody! Have you read any good science stories this week? Here are a few interesting ones I’ve seen on the webs this week: // First, promoting girls in the sciences is a really important issue for me, so

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 5 August 2016

It’s finally Friday! Did you see any interesting science stories this week? Did you hear a report and you want to learn more? Send over any questions or suggestions and they could be featured in a future post! // What

Science News Round-Up, 22 July 2016

Happy Friday! Have you read any interesting science news stories this week around the web? If you found a story you’d like to know more about, or if you’re a scientist and you need help to share your story, send an

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 15 July 2016

It’s been a tough ending to this week, so I’m going to focus on some more light-hearted stories here on today’s science news round-up. Here are some interesting science news stories from around the web this week. // While awaiting the

Listening to Science

Here are some interesting science podcasts to listen to science stories on the go.