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What I Learned Marching for Science in Geneva

There were nearly 40 organizers for the March for Science, Geneva, that was on Saturday in the Jardin Anglais. By the time the march started (a bit late), at 11h30, we estimated around 800 people had joined us. The experience

What is the March for Science, Geneva?

“Every person is, at heart, a scientist, irrespective of title, age, or culture. Curiosity is human, and is the foundation of all scientific endeavors. Science is everywhere and affects everyone.” // What? A march for science in solidarity with other marches

Programming Note: March for Science, Geneva

Even though my goal in 2017 was to write more and produce more content for Science Daily Dose, I have definitely not met this goal so far this year, but it’s been for a very good reason. I am busy organizing