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To Cut or Not to Cut: That’s a Cancer Surgeon’s Question

In a series I’m continuing to develop, I talk about why it’s so difficult to treat cancer. (To catch up, follow these links: Part 1, Your Tumor is Not a Clone. Part 2, Cancer Cells are Still Cells. Part 3, Resistance is

Beware of Scientific “Claims” in the Media

Sir David Spiegelhalter knows a thing or two about statistics. At the University of Cambridge, one of his areas of study is how the concept of risk and statistical evidence are discussed in society, and he is also the current president

Welcome to Science Daily Dose!

If you’re checking out Science Daily Dose for the first time, welcome! On this page, I will list some of my most popular posts as an introduction. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see here, if

The Technical Side of Science: The Cost of Disease Research

Part of the reason that I started Science Daily Dose is because I wanted to share the interesting discoveries in science with a more broad audience. Most publications that scientists write are not for a broad audience. Indeed, sometimes even

Science in the News: Why the EPA Matters

The Headline, 3 February 2017, United States Congress // H.R. 861 – To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after an article published in the New York

An Atypical Day in the Life of This Scientist

Diary of a Scientist // 4 January 2017 I’m typically awake before my alarm goes off at 6:30, my mind already racing through the things I need to do for the day. My Google calendar looks like a confetti explosion

Science in the News: Why the FDA Matters

  The Headline, 5 February 2017, New York Times // Trump’s F.D.A. Pick Could Undo Decades of Drug Safeguards   New and Startling Beauty to the Skin Thru Radium! Tho-Radia, Méthode Scientifique de Beauté Exciting Public Demand for Amazing Beauty Discovery

Science in a New World of “Alternative Facts”

If you are an American, or have followed the brutal 2016 campaign season and election, it may not be a stretch to believe that we are coming into a new era: the post-truth era. Today’s Buzzword // Post-truth “It is no

Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult, Part 5: Is This Thing On?

Cancer as a “disease” is incredibly complex, and patient care for a cancer diagnosis is complex as a result. I’m starting to explore some of these difficulties in a series of articles: “Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult.” Previously published

From the Suggestion Box: When Science Research Becomes a Numbers Game

// I got a great request from a reader to talk about what he called “the ethics of science.” In his words, “Science needs looking at to see that our finite resources are used sensibly and wisely to benefit all mankind.”