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Part 1, The Sequel: Attack of the Clones

Cancer as a “disease” is incredibly complex, and patient care for a cancer diagnosis is complex as a result. I’m starting to explore some of these difficulties in a series of articles: “Why Treating Cancer is So Difficult.” Previously published

From Mini-Guts to Mini-Brains: Organoids and Their Uses

I’ve written before about why I work with animals in my cancer research, and why mice can be very useful in biology research, but I want to talk today about advancements in alternatives to animal experiments. A common question in science

Science in a New World of “Alternative Facts”

If you are an American, or have followed the brutal 2016 campaign season and election, it may not be a stretch to believe that we are coming into a new era: the post-truth era. Today’s Buzzword // Post-truth “It is no

New in 2017

Happy 2017 to all! I took a bit of a break in December to focus on spending my time with family, and planning 2017 here at Science Daily Dose. I will be back later this week with new content, but

In the Headlines: Gene Editing in Humans

// I’m hard at work on a special double-feature for science news next week, but in the meantime I want to highlight some big news published in Nature this week. CRISPR gene-editing tested in a person for the first time

Guest Post: Bullied Out of the Lab

// Today’s post is an anonymous contribution to our #MHPhDchat page (chatting about mental health in academia). If you want to share your own struggles with mental health in academia, anonymously or not, please reach out using the information on

A Scientific Moral Imperative

The past few weeks, I have been taking a small break from reading science papers to read two books (also about science, of course). Radioactive! by Winifred Conkling, and The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan. Both stories highlight the

I am a Science Communicator

I rushed to the newsstand on campus, searching for as many issues of the Daily Bruin as I could find. Since it was the summer break, they printed fewer copies and distributed them in fewer places, turning my hunt into a

Weekly Science News Round-Up, 24 June 2016

Happy Friday, everyone! Have you heard any interesting news stories this week? Share yours on Twitter to @CRThomasPhD with the hashtag #sciencenews! // Solar Impulse, an idea born here in Switzerland with strong ties to EPFL (my research institution) has set